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Summer Reading Programs & Events

Summer Reading Programs for All Ages are here! The theme for 2023 is All Together Now.

Beginning June 21, 2023, you can sign up for our children's, teen, and adult reading programs. Read books for chances to win prizes!

Children's Summer Reading

Use a paper log the Beanstack website or app to keep track of the time you spend reading! At registration, you will receive a necklace used to collect beads and brag tags throughout the summer, based on your challenge log. The first 50 children to register will receive a summer reading goody bag!

Paper Logging: Color in a circle on your reading log for every 15 minutes you spend reading. Each circle earns you a bead for your necklace. Once you've colored in all of the circles, the challenge is complete and you will earn a Grand Prize Raffle ticket and a free book! Additional challenges like attending programs can be found on the back of the paper log and will earn you points as you complete them. Earn 50 points to pick a brag tag for your necklace! If you complete the challenge early, you may get a second board and continue to earn beads and brag tags!

Online Logging: Earn a badge on Beanstack for every 15 minutes you spend reading. Earn a Grand Prize Raffle ticket and free book when you have completed the challenge! Completing additional challenges, like attending programs, will earn you activity badges. The next time you stop into the Library you'll get to pick a bead for each reading badge and a brag tag for each activity badge earned since your last visit! If you complete the challenge early, you may continue to log your minutes to earn additional beads and brag tags!

Children's Grand Prize Raffle: Every time you stop into the Library to collect beads or brag tags, you'll receive a raffle ticket. You'll earn a second raffle ticket for checking books out. Each participant may only receive 2 raffle tickets per day, for a total of 12 tickets per week. Every Monday we will pull 1 weekly winner from the previous week's tickets. These tickets will then be added to the Children's Grand Prize Raffle, which will be drawn at the end of the summer!

Teen Reading Program

Use a paper log, the Beanstack website or app to log the number of books that you read!

Paper Logging: Write the title of each book you read this summer on your challenge log. Every book read is equal to 1 Teen Grand Prize raffle ticket. If you read 4 books, you will receive a free book and a bonus Teen Grand Prize raffle ticket! Any additional books you read equal another raffle ticket, 1 per book.

Online Logging: For every book read, you'll earn a badge and a Grand Prize Raffle ticket! When you complete the challenge (4 books) you will earn a free book and a bonus entry into the Teen Grand Prize raffle! Any additional books you read equal another raffle ticket, 1 per book.

Teen Checkout Raffle: You can earn bonus tickets for the Teen Grand Prize Raffle just by stopping in and checking out books! Earn 1 bonus raffle ticket per day, that's up to 6 per week!

Adult Reading Program

Participants read library books to receive raffle tickets for prize drawings! In this seven-week program, participants choose and read books from a genre or category. Read a book and receive a raffle ticket for the basket drawing at the end of the program.

If you read three books over the course of the program you will receive a ticket to the finale program on Monday, August 14 at 6:00 pm. Winners for the raffle baskets will be drawn at this program (you do not need to be present to win). Read from every category and receive a bonus raffle ticket. Readers may only win one basket and may only complete one reading log. Full instructions and rules will be on the summer reading log you receive when you sign up for the program.

Check out our Summer 2023 calendar of events. Sign up for activity programs for children, teens and adults through our website calendar here.


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