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Policy for Public Behavior on Library Property


The Woodward Memorial Library Staff and Board of Trustees are responsible for determining the rules for public behavior in the Library that are necessary to: 
1.      Protect the rights of individuals to use Library property, materials, and services;
2.      Protect the rights of Library employees to conduct library business without interference;
3.      Ensure the use of the facilities, materials, and services by the greatest number of individuals;
4.      Preserve those materials and facilities from harm; and
5.      Ensure the safety of Library patrons and employees.
6.      Any requirements for health and safety of patrons and staff shall be implemented consistent with state or federal laws or mandates and/or at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

The rules for public behavior are listed below.  Library employees are authorized to bring to an individual’s attention any act or omission that violates these rules and detracts from the decorum of the Library.  Such an individual will be asked to change the problem behavior to conform to the rules.  If such change is not evident or forthcoming, that individual will be asked to leave the Library property.  Failure to leave if asked will result in the police being called. 
Any individual who repeatedly violates the Library rules and regulations shall be denied the privilege of access to the Library.  The Board authorizes the Library Director to bring to the attention of law enforcement authorities the identity and circumstances involving individuals who violate these rules. 

Cell phones must be turned off or put on vibrate when entering the Library.  If a call is necessary, patrons must leave the building or conduct the conversation in the back entryway of the Library.

Any misconduct that hinders use of the Library or library materials is prohibited.  Such misconduct might include, but is not limited to: 

  1. Conducting illegal activities,
  2. Loud or boisterous behavior,
  3. Conversation that is disturbing to other individuals or employees,
  4. Profanity or other abusive language toward other Library patrons or toward employees,
  5. Abusing Library furniture, equipment, restrooms, or materials,
  6. Harassing others, either verbally or through actions.  Harassment may include, but it not limited to initiating unwanted conversations; making unwanted advances toward other persons; impeding access to the building; or other actions another individual reasonably perceives to be hostile, threatening or offensive,
  7. Fighting on Library property,
  8. Using tobacco in any form while on Library property,
  9. Using electronic cigarettes or vaping devices inside the Library,
  10. Possession, sale, or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or weapons on Library property,
  11. Posession, use, sale, or cultivation of marijuana in the building or on the property,
  12. Eating and/or drinking in non-designated areas,
  13. Buying or selling for personal or commercial gain,
  14. Soliciting funds, gambling or panhandling, including distributing printed materials, signing petitions or conducting surveys,
  15. Using personal or library listening equipment at a level that can be heard by other individuals,
  16. Skateboarding anywhere on Library property,
  17. Bringing animals into the Library except those needed to assist a patron with a disability,
  18. Not wearing a shirt or shoes,
  19. Extreme body odor or other strong or offensive smells that disturbs others.

The Library does not permit weapons of any kind, either concealed or in plain view, on its property or in its buildings, unless the owner of the weapon is a law enforcement officer.

Woodward Memorial Library does not assume responsibility for children left unattended in the library.

Questions about this policy or about actions the Library has taken may be addressed to the Library Director or the Board of Trustees.  The above rules are based on powers granted to a public library board of trustees under section 262 of the New York State Education Law.  They will be posted prominently in the Library building.

Approved by WML Board of Trustees 11/12
Revised 05/21
Revised 3/22
Revised 4/24


For a complete list of policies please visit www.woodwardmemoriallibrary.org/board.php




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