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Book Series In Order
Found a book series you love but aren't sure what order to read them in? Book Series in Order has you covered!

Keep track of what you want to read, what you’re reading, and what you’ve read.

Share recommendations, join book clubs, and learn more about your favorite books and authors.



Comics, Graphic Novels, and more!

30 Essential Graphic Novels
Required reading for everyone into graphic novels.

Dark Horse Comics
Home to The Goon Squad, Sin City, and Star Wars.

DC Comics
Find Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern and more.

Read your favorite comic strips online.

IDW Publishing
Find G.I. Joe, The Rocketeer, Doctor Who, and many more.

Marvel Comics
For all things X-Men, Spiderman, Captain America and all your Marvel favorites.

The latest new for comic books and movies.

VIZ Media
The leading U.S. publisher of Japanese comics like Bleach and Naruto.

Joe’s Comics & Video Games
74 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454 585-243-4240

Empire Comics
1176 Mount Hope, Rochester, NY 14620 585-442-0371



When the crafts come out, the gloves come off.

Do it yourself projects, how-tos, fashion, and recipes.

Cubee Craft
Free papercraft toys.  Just don’t run with those scissors.

Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.

Knitting Help
Learn how to knit.

Learn to Knit and Crochet
Learn how to knit and crochet and be warm and fashionable all winter.

Perler Bead Projects
Who knew plastic beads and an iron could be so much fun?

T-shirt Surgery
Don’t get rid of your old clothes, make them new again. 



Remember, it’s important to play.

Online Games

Tons of online games.  Tons of variety.

Cartoon Network Games
Online games featuring characters from Cartoon Network.

Because sometimes learning is fun…especially when it doesn’t feel like learning.

The New Yorker Jigsaw Puzzle
Put together puzzles made from covers of The New Yorker.

Pogo Games
Board games, puzzle games, card games, arcade games…if you can’t find it here, the game probably doesn’t exist.

The world’s most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (as determined by the Guinness Book of World Records.)

Be a waitress, be a zookeeper, play card games and more.

Teen Free Arcade
Boatloads of free online games. 

Video Games

Entertainment Software Ratings Board
Find out what a game is rated before you buy it and your parents get mad. 

Not sure if a game is going to be worth buying?  Been stuck on the same level for a week?  Want to know the latest releases?  This is the place to find reviews, cheats, videos, and news.

Grand Theft Childhood
A Harvard study questioning the hype and assumptions surrounding kids and video games.

More news, reviews, cheats, and more.

Latest Nintendo games and console news.

Your source for all things Playstation.

Go straight to the source  to find out about games, accessories, and consoles.

Board Games

It’s always good to plan ahead just in case the electricity ever goes out. 

Board Game Geek
Not too familiar with board games?  Get reviews of just about every game imaginable.

Get ideas for how to host a game night.

The rules to any card game imaginable.

Get great ideas for things to make and see what awesome Lego sets are available.

They have an online dictionary so you can prove to your friends that “QI” is totally a word and you do in fact get a triple letter score for the Q and a triple word score.



Entertain yourself or learn something online or in the glossy, colorful, picture-filled pages of a magazine.

BMX Plus!
All things BMX.

All the teen celebrity gossip you can handle.

Teens…Real Teens…Just Teens

At some point, everyone is seventeen.

Shojo Beat
Manga from the heart.

Shonen Jump
Manga, manga, manga.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Something to do when you’re not out playing sports.

Teen Ink
Magazine, website, and books written by teens since 1989.

Change the world for girls through media.

Teen Vogue
Fashion starts here.

Teen celebrity news, gossip, fashion, and tips.


Movies & TV

News, Reviews, & Recaps

Coming Soon
To each their own.

Empire Magazine
Breaking movie news, film and DVD reviews.

Future Movies
Movie reviews, upcoming movie news, new in theaters, interviews, DVD releases, and more.

Hollywood Reporter
What’s hot in movie news.

Internet Movie Database
For all movie related information.

The Movie Times
Movie news, reviews, releases, actor profiles, and picture galleries.

Rotten Tomatoes
The ultimate reaction site!  Trailers, review, and new movie previews.

Television Without Pity
Spare the snark, spoil the network.

More movie news and reviews (and a whole lot more!)

Video ETA
Release dates for DVDs.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Watch full episodes of popular shows.

ABC Family
Watch full episodes, interviews, sneak peeks and more.
Discover the best in original web series.

Full episodes and clips from daytime, evening, and late night TV.

TV to talk about.

Disney Channel
More than just the mouse.

If you’re a Gleek, you love Fox.

Watch select movies, shows, and clips for free.

Full episodes, clips, and webisodes.

Full episodes, interviews, aftershows, and music videos.

Teen Nick
Between Degrassi and iCarly, Teen Nick has it all.

Teen Television
News on all your favorite shows in one place.

TV Guide
Find out what’s on and what’s been going on.

Video Detective
Movie trailers, game trailers, music videos, and contests.



All Music
Search by artist, album, song, style, or label.

Artist Direct
Interviews, reviews, new music, and free downloads.
Be a dj and listen to free music and share it with others.
Free internet radio and the largest music catalogue online.
Never be the one singing “here we are now, in containers” to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit again.

Listen to free internet radio.



Post your videos online.

Google Video
Upload and share videos.

Video sharing for you.

Broadcast yourself.



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